About us

FoldChanges is the computational biology and machine learning platform for cellular agriculture.

Livestock farming is a trillion dollar industry as well as a climate and ecological disaster. Switching the production of beef to cellular agriculture would result in a:

10-fold change in carbon emissions 🔥
10-fold change in particulate air pollution 💨
20-fold change in land usage 🌍
5-fold change in water usage 💧

Our platform is designed to support your biologists in their efforts, making it easy for them to work with the data they have painstakingly collected. With its effective and interactive visualizations, as well as its powerful and user-friendly statistical modeling capabilities, FoldChanges enables your team to achieve optimal results and maximize the value of your data.

We are proud to partner with some of the leading cultivated meat companies and are leveraging our expertise as well as constantly improving software to become a top supplier in the cellular agriculture industry.

Contact Dr. Nico Kist to learn more.

Bioreactor Management

Traditionally, managing bioreactor data has been a tedious task involving manual data harmonization and graph creation in outdated software environments. Our bioreactor data management software revolutionizes the way scientists and engineers approach their work. With just one glance, they have access to all relevant graphs, combining both off-line and real-time data seamlessly. Our solution also provides the ability to inspect and compare historical bioreactor runs, making it effortless to perform further data analyses.

With FoldChanges, you and your team can remain focused on what matters most — the inner workings of the bioreactor — without being bogged down by cumbersome software.

Our solution combines off-line measurements in Excel files and real-time data from Applikon Lucullus bioreactors, with Sartorius support coming soon. We are eager to implement support for your favourite bioreactors.

Bioreactor screenshot


Are you running experiments comparing treatments? Will this include high-dimensional biological data like RNA-Seq or proteomics? We can help design and analyse those experiments and empower your decision making.

If you’re not generating data yet, we can use public data to determine the biomarkers associated with pluripotency and your target tissue. We can then use these public data to help you decide what proprietary data to gather.

The FoldChanges platform provides excellent visual reporting facilities, allowing your biologists to easily and productively interrogate the results of your analyses. Contact us for a free demo.

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Tasting Panels

Our advanced Bayesian Machine Learning model revolutionizes the way we analyze tasting panel data. By utilizing comparative tasting data, where participants are presented with two burgers at a time and asked to compare them, our model generates real probabilities that provide a robust basis for decision making. With this approach, you can confidently state, for example, “There is an 85% probability that Burger A has superior mouthfeel compared to Burger B,” even if the two burgers were never tasted together in the same round.